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Rotating machinery excellence for you

Providing the highest quality professional sales and services for all your rotating equipment needs in Australia, New Zealand, PNG, Pacific Islands, Indonesia and Malaysia for over 40 years.

Welcome to Industrial Plant and Service Malaysia

Our core business is the supply and maintenance of rotating machinery to maximise availability and performance, ensure safety, and minimise total cost of ownership. Safety and quality are the fundamentals on which performance is built.


IPS Malaysia provides dynamic balancing that can be achieved in-house at a capacity of 5.5 tonnes, 3.5 metres long and 1.6 metres in diameter using the latest balancing technology.

While we supply new machines, we continuously strive to excel on maintenance and optimisation. We focus on turbo-compressor and blowers (centrifugal and axial), positive displacement compressors (reciprocating, screw, rotary lobe), turbines (steam, expansion, gas), pumps, gearboxes and centrifuges.

We formally partner with multiple global Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and provide OEM-like services on the ones we do not formally represent.


Our facilities

Our service centres are capable of a whole range of rotating equipment repairs, maintenance, inspection & re-engineering services.

Strategic Partners

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